EXTRAGALANT is a booking and management agency, working with a number of talented artists and labels ranging through a wide range of genres in electronic music. Our main focus is the discovery, promotion, and extensive assistance of artists. The agency’s responsibilities encompass the artistic guidance and development of the artist, the realisation of musical releases, the development of live-performances and the visual presentation of the artist at these performances, public relations, contract negotiations, travel arrangements and travel escort, as well as consultation and assistance in personal matters. Would you like to join us?

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DJing is a magical thing. Putting pieces of music together with all the aspects of tension and rhythm, harmonies and melodies. Creating new things that haven‘t been there before, by just using music tracks like bricks. Every now and then we not only listen to and play the music we love, we even make it ourselves. No matter whether it’s deep or impellent, weirdly enchanted or crystal clear. We need to do our own journey and tell our own story with music. We just sit down and make something that we feel is missing in our lives. Either it being something that we would want to listen to, or something that we’d like to play. Hence we’re damn proud to call the following DJs and producers a part of this family.

Tom Lagom


Our booking division takes care of the marketing and management of our very own artists. It’s a young collective which is not only built on long-standing friendships, but also on the deep passion for music. Escaping daily routines, straight ahead into this insanely liberating feeling, where the beat means everything and the thought of the morning after counts for nothing. We’ve grown quickly to a remarkable roster of young and emerging artists who are touring the world. The sound of the family brings your guests melodies and grooving beats close by so they can turn off and drift away. Follow us to a place where moments are not measured in time, but with the beat of the music. It’s up to you. Are you in? Or are you out?

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